Our cuisine has its roots in Italian tradition, with contaminations from the around world.
FAC is an acronym meaning Fast And Casual, a type of restaurant linked to a lifestyle, through which the Essenziale group aims to communicate an all-Italian point of view.

FAC is born from the desire to meet the needs of those who have little time to eat, but are not willing to sacrifice quality and taste.
FAC is a fast and informal restaurant with a base in traditional Italian cuisine, served in some cases in an unconventional way, or with the addition of ingredients from the around the world in order to enhance original flavors.
Casual dinning done quickly is a way of being. It's the idea of ​​eating consciously, it's attention to detail, it's attention to the product you eat or drink, and it's taking care of oneself.
The Concept is that of a stimulating environment, because being well at the table even, if we have little time, is a lifestyle choice for taste, better if accompanied by beautiful design and attention to detail.
The design at FAC is warm and comfortable, with picnic-style fir tables complete with headboards branded with the FAC logo.
At FAC we want to give value to the history of our country, to grandmothers, to taste, to substance and to the opportunity to share its joy with one another.

FAC is a Trattoria and Pic-Nic Area

At the Trattoria guests are seated and receive service at their tables. The trattoria is open from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00.
The Picnic Area is open all day from 12:00 to 22:00. Guests order and pay at the counter and are welcome to sit at the tables in the Enoteca or on the Terrace. A buzzer will activate to notify guests when their order is ready to be picked up directly from the kitchen pass. We will also organize events and tastings on our Terrace during the warmer seasons.




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